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Peter – new blog

Notice the church of today. We worship unashamed in the buildings we have built for God, but when we get out into the body He has built for us, we quickly retreat, calling worship a song, when in fact it is meant to be a lifestyle.
The Bible gives us an example of this in the form of Peter. Whenever He was with Jesus, he had the boldness to say and do some absurb things, like chopping off an important guy’s ear in front of a few hundred of the best trained soldiers in the world. But when he was distanced from Jesus, he did some equally ashaming things, like denying his Lord three times, in the middle of Jesus’ hardest time.
Like Peter, we tend to do things we’d never believe we’d ever do apart from God. But there is more to Peter’s story that we should see.
After Jesus died, Peter threw in the towel. He told his fellow disciples “I’m going fishing.” If there was ever a case of correct vocation, and incorrect location, this was it! Jesus met Peter beside that lake though, because you see, Jesus is never seperated from our circumstances. He’s always right there with us! Jesus asked Peter three times (which in that culture was a very deep and heartwrenching thing) if he loved Him. And then Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.” A simple command see, because God never places on us more than we can bear.
Now, fast forward a few weeks: Peter preaches in Jerusalem, and thousands come to know Christ as Savior. The Jewish officials complained about Peter and the disciples, saying that they filled the entire city with the teaching of Jesus, which was no small feat. The Bible even records that people sat in the streets, hoping Peter’s shadow would touch them.
Peter knew it wasn’t his shadow doing miracles and saving people. Peter had already shown us what happens when he ran the show. Peter couldn’t be this stable with Jesus…and we know that by this time Jesus had ascended into heaven.
See, Peter found Jesus in his heart, and out of that came his lifestyle of worship in which people couldn’t help but be changed. When Peter allowed Jesus to take root, home, and all of his heart, great things happened, and guys, get this: he was married too!
Who do you want to be? The Peter away from Christ, or the Pete whose life couldn’t be explained except through Christ?


thoughts to ponder

consistancy…such a fleeting thing. consistancy in my relationships with others….consitancy with my relationship with God….
and then contentment….ish….thats a big one. contentment with what i have…contentment with Christ….satisfaction in Christ…..such hard things to continue in.
a friend told me something a few days ago that has not left my mind since then……’i have to jealously guard my time with God.’ above whatever else i have going on…..above whatever else i want to do…..i’ve gotta forcefully, if neccessary, take the action to seek God….and stay connected to Him.
difficult? yes. time consuming? yes. possible? yes.
do it.
“is my heart satisfied, with you my savior?
is my life to live for you my king?
each breath that i breathe out,
each word that i speak out
each action that i pour out
speak of you?
am i satisfied?”

The Impartial Power of God

This morning I was reading in my devos today’s section in “My Upmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers. Powerful stuff that really puts your focus back on Christ. I think it was so good, i’m going to share it 🙂
For by one offering he hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.” – Hebrews 10v14
We trample the blood of the Son of God under foot if we think we are forgiven because we are sorry for our sins. The only explanation of the forgiveness of God and of the unfathomable depth of His forgetting is the Death of Jesus Christ. Our repentance is merely the outcome of our personal realization of the Atonement which He has worked out for us. “Christ Jesus…is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.” When we realize that Christ is made all this to us, the boundless joy of God begins; wherever the joy of God is not present, the death sentence is at work.
It doesn’t matter who or what we are, there is absolute reinstatement into God by the death of Jesus Christ and by no other way, not because Jesus Christ pleads, but because He died. It is not earned, but accepted. All the pleading which deliberately refuses to recognize the Cross is of no avail; it is battering at another door than the one which Jesus has opened. I don’t want to come that way, it is too humiliating to be received as a sinner. “There is none other Name…” The apparent heartlessness of God is the expression of His real heart, there is boundless entrance in His way. “We have forgiveness through His blood.” Identification with the death of Jesus Christ means indentification with Him to the death of everything that never was in Him.
God is justified in saving bad men only as He makes them good. Our Lord does not pretend we are all right when we are all wrong. The Atonement is a propitiation whereby God through the death of Jesus makes an unholy man holy.

Happy Birthday Jesus

finally finished Christmas shopping! man……..i’m glad i don’t have like, 9 kids to buy for or something like that 😉 i wouldn’t survive!!!

typical christmas shopping……tensions high, money low, and everyone standing in line for the new xbox 360 (walmart in charleston was placing for sale one per hour – by lottery drawing). now, if those crazy people would stop and think, one week after christmas, xbox 360 will always be in stock, and like 100 bucks cheaper! but, people want it now……haha

seeing the modern ‘holiday spirit’ makes me hope that there are still people out there with the ‘christmas spirit.’

do we still tell our friends why we celebrate this season? or do we just pass up one of the best witnessing opprotunities of the year?

Happy birthday Jesus!

What do you think when You look out at our hustle and bussle?

We sure have made ourselves like ants – but for what purpose and reason?

Happy birthday Jesus!

The baby in a manager has been replaced by the jolly old cheer giver

The offering of worship has been replaced by the offering of pleasure during this, your birthday.

Would any of us dare to not give presents one year?

What kindof an impact would that have!

To be known as a family that doesn’t believe in the ‘true’ holiday spirit!

But what is the true holiday spirit? What is the true meaning of Christmas?

What is truth? What is Christmas? – but Jesus Christ himself!

Happy birthday Jesus – may we never forget you amidst the wrapping paper.


another cool quote

so i’m reading through the book, “The Passion of Jesus Christ” by John Piper. its pretty good….i’ve read through it a few times, but this morning something really stood out to me:
“Oh that we might worship the terrible wonder of the love of God! It is not sentimental. It is not simple. For our sake God did the impossible: He poured out his wrath on his own Son – the one whose submission made him infinitely unworthy to receive it. Yet the Son’s very willingness to receive it was precious in God’s sight. The wrath-bearer was infinitely loved.”
Pretty interesting? verdad?

Life in Christ

blog blog blog i am told 🙂
so blog i will 🙂
……………transmission start………………..
so here’s a thought for you. when you became a christian, what happened?
when you aksed Jesus to save you, did you ask Him to save you as fire insurance policy, and then continue living the way you wanted? or did you ask him to save you (even if it was just to keep from going to hell), and then lift Him up to where He is the main focus and reason for your life?
Do you find joy in your life? Do you find happiness in your life? Are you reading this and telling yourself, yes; but inside your heart is saying no?
Is Christ your main focus, your main goal, your life? Selah – think on that for about a year.
If He isn’t, maybe you’re not experiencing true happiness, joy, and peace. Maybe you won’t be loving, gentle, patient, and kind.
The closer we get to Jesus, the father away from ourselves we’ll want to be. And the more we’ll look on ourselves, and say, man…….why does God want to have anything to do with me! The closer you get to Jesus………….the farther the world will go.
Maybe you’re not experiencing the things that i listed up above………..and just maybe, i might have a solution for you.
Lets look at this list……..down below this line, is a list. Its what most people view as ‘their life,” and in their opinion, what God’s will for their life is.
MY PLANS ********** GOD’S PLAN (in my opinion)
get married ********** find a nice/cute/loving person
buy a car ********** make sure it runs good
go to church ********** come away happy
one week missions trip********** i’m a missionary!
daniel crowe
may i suggest to you a list that i believe to be more in line with what God wants?
MY PLANS *********** GOD’S PLAN (in my opinion)
daniel crowe
now don’t think that i’m saying that you shouldnt make plans……..step out in faith with God. But what I am saying is this: don’t hoard your life. Its not yours. The moment you gave it to Christ, you lost it. But in losing it, you’ve found it. You’ve found that your life is Christ. You don’t need to keep control of the things you wanna do. The things that matter is Christ and Christ alone.
If Christ is your main focus, goal, and life, you’ll do the things that are in line with what He wants for you. And out of that, will come the fruits of the spirit.
Are you finding your life in Christ?
—————end transmission———————



Is my heart satisfied, with You – my Savior? Is my life to live, for You – my King?”

Webster’s New World Dictionary lists the definition of the word satisfy, as:

“Having the desires fully gratified; made content.”

So when I ask, are you satisfied, you can see what I’m asking. I’m asking, are you content? But I’m not just asking are you content, I’m asking, are you content with your present life?

Please forgive me if I become nosy in this J but most likely, I don’t know you face to face, so you can deal this one out become yourself and God. But, what is the source of joy and satisfaction in your life? I dare you to list off something that is of this earth. And if you still do, I challenge you to look at it in the eyes of eternity. Is it lasting? Is it godly? Is it worthy of Jesus Christ? And still, even when you ask those questions you still will fall short of the ultimate answer – Jesus Christ Himself.

This world looks to so many things to satisfy itself. Sex, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, money – you name it. But does this stuff truly satisfy? I dare you to say yes.

A teacher of mine told a story not long ago of a time when he went to witness at a major rock concert in California back in the 1970’s. He told us that he came across a man who was openly smoking an opium pipe. He tried to witness to the guy, and told him that the only thing he needed was Jesus. All the man would respond, over and over again, was “will it last?”


I don’t think I have to say more about this point. People addicted to sex, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs constantly rise and fall based on their usage. Smokers must go back to the cigarette to feel good. A person on alcohol must drink again to escape the world, similar to the drug addict who must continually shoot up to get a high. Does this last for them? How much money has been spent on tobacco and alcohol in one person’s lifetime that is really wasted just for a few hours of ‘feeling good?’ Will it last?


One of the names the Bible calls Jesus Christ is our ‘sustainer’ – the one who upholds us. He alone is the one who can satisfy every part of us – if we allow Him to.

Let’s think logically here. I’ll give you two scenarios and you are more than welcome to pick which one you think is best.

Scenario One: A close relative of yours dies. You decide to take your grief to the bar. After multiple drinks, you feel somewhat relieved. After a few more, you forget your pain, go home, and wake up in the morning right back in the same condition you started in. This scenario replays itself.

Scenario Two: A close relative of yours dies. You decide to take your grief to your Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. You trust His promises to “cast all your cares upon Him, because He cares for you (1 Peter 4v7).” You trust another promise of His, that “all things work together for good to them that love God (Romans 8v28).” And finally, you also remind yourself, that to be “absent from the body (death) is to present with the Lord in heaven!” – a much greater place than this earth (2 Corinthians 5v8). Based on this knowledge, you know that all things are in God’s hands…that He is taking care of them…and you can joyfully say goodbye to your relative.

Now, practically speaking, which seems to be the logical choice to make here?


Maybe you’re reading this and you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. Check out to read/see more, or email me at

Maybe you’re reading this and you already know Him. Remember to make Him the sole source of your satisfaction. We know its so much better than whatever this world has to offer.

To close, I’ll quote Proverbs 4v23. “Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it come the issues of life.” As Christians, we must be careful what we use to try to satisfy ourselves. We cannot allow Satan to make us think he can offer us something better than what we already have: Jesus Christ. Nothing on earth, no material possession, no hobby, no ideas, not even your closest friend can satisfy you. Jesus alone can. If you have allowed something else to take that place…please put it on the backburner. Let it decrease, allow Jesus to increase, and experience life.

Have I ever?

Have I ever cried for you Lord?

Have I ever cried for you as I did when missing human friends?

Have I ever cried for the one who bore all my pain – all my shame, who bore my sins with Him when He was nailed to the cross…have I ever cried?

Have I ever spent emotion for the one who daily bears my burdens;

For the Suffering Savior who gives me life anew each day;

Our great God, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross –

All for me.

Have I ever been angry for you Lord?

Have I ever been upset that Your name is not known throughout the entire earth –

That your glory is not known throughout all creation.

Have I ever been truly angry for you Lord?

Have I ever had joy Lord?

Joy such as you have; that you love to call me child, in spite of myself.

Joy that flows from your throne like peaceful waters.

Joy that you died in my place.

Have I ever had peace Lord?

Peace such as you – that you rested so confidently in the Father’s will that you were willing –

Willing to give up your past glory in heaven to take my form, to put on my flesh – for eternity future.

Have I ever served you Lord?

With all my heart, mind, soul, body, will, intellect emotion;

Completely void of myself, allowing You alone to use me for Your plan;

Have I ever truly served You Lord?

Have I ever died Lord?

Have I died to myself – my thoughts, my plans, my desires;

Have I ever died – to live – in newness of life,

A life lived for Your glory alone?

Have I ever? Will I ever? Forever let my desire be to glorify You alone.

What is Life?

ts been awhile since i’ve posted….so this could get long 🙂
a friend of mine sent me an email today……a class mate of hers was driving, and swerved to avoid being t-boned by an 18-wheeler, saving the lives of two people riding along, but swerved into a ditch and was killed himself, while the other two lived – although badly injured.
crazy, eh?
kindof puts me back in perspective….this morning joel and me went to eat at chickfila….and just talked briefly about our car accident. humanly speaking, neither one of us should have walked away from that alive. if you question that, look at the picture i’m attaching, just so i’ll remember it everytime i look at this page. but, man….its where belief must become faith.
God is soverign, God is just. I like what an old missionary said…i think it was David Brainard, but i’m not certain. “I am immortal until i accomplish the will of God for my life.” I trust he was not meaning that he could do anything stupid in that….but, its a good statement.
reality is this though. three girls should have gotten in that car with us, but instead, they jumped in the back of John’s truck, something we/they hardly did at that time. If those three girls would have been in that car, they’d be dead. no question. how can i make it reality that, God’s will for my life might be to live 20 years, do what i’ve done….influence people in some form so far, just that i would die for him here – and Christ be preached at my funeral, and through my death, more might come to know him. ahhhh……….i love the casting crowns song, lifesong. let my lifesong sing to you Jesus! i’m not trying to be morbid….but what is life? its a chance to glorify God! whether through my life, or my death……i hope that that is accomplished in me!
what about you?

True Honor?

so i’ve been thinking over this one for awhile. it really bugs me sometimes to hear everybody discussing world problems, and to hear everybody saying this needs to be done, or that needs to be done, and then everybody spends all their time discussing and debating, and nothing ever gets done.
and you know the sad thing? people honor these guys who discuss and debate. the people who go out and actuallly do are the quiet ones, behind the scenes, but working away hard to make a difference.
How many nobel peace winners actually did more than shake hands and invite people to diplomatic sessions? how many scientists does it take to figure out something that the Bible has proclaimed for thousands of years?
But still….we heap honor upon their necks, while the whole time……..nothing is really done.
who reading this has ever heard of doug peterson? most of you will say no… let me introduce you to him. Doug is the coodinator for Teen Missions in Zambia…..meaning he’s responsible for all of TMI’s operations there, and Zambia is second to the main base in Florida as far as operations that happen there. Doug is in his 60’s, and has spent the past 35 years of his life living in Zambia and Zimbawawe, quitely making a huge difference for people in both countries. Doug runs close to twenty rescue units in Zambia, called “Aids/Orphans Rescue Units,” and each unit provides supplies for a minimum of five hundred different people per unit. He also heads up the discipleship school Teen Missions runs in Zambia. Nationals go there to train for two years, and are sent back out into their country, making a huge difference themselves.
A few years ago, Doug was shot twice in his own house for standing up for the gospel. He’s been able to see his entire family enter missions work, and one of his sons is one of TMI’s main leaders.
How many lives has this man impacted? I’ve only known him for a short time, but just the testimony of his life has impacted me. And who knows of him?
We read on the news – “Food shortage in Zambia threatens thousands” – and we say, ‘somebody should do something about that. We argue why doesn’t the United Nations, the United States, or even God forbid, our church do something about it. But what about we ourselves? Why don’t we ever say, hey! i’ll do something about that! that thought never crosses most people’s minds. to the rare who’s mind it does cross, most of them turn the thought away instantely as crazy.
To the rarer who chose to stand, to the rarer to who choose to support those who stand, and to those making a difference around the world, instead of sitting thousands of miles away and playing the blame game, i say thank you for daring to stand and make a difference. you are truly an inspiration.