Happy Birthday Jesus

finally finished Christmas shopping! man……..i’m glad i don’t have like, 9 kids to buy for or something like that 😉 i wouldn’t survive!!!

typical christmas shopping……tensions high, money low, and everyone standing in line for the new xbox 360 (walmart in charleston was placing for sale one per hour – by lottery drawing). now, if those crazy people would stop and think, one week after christmas, xbox 360 will always be in stock, and like 100 bucks cheaper! but, people want it now……haha

seeing the modern ‘holiday spirit’ makes me hope that there are still people out there with the ‘christmas spirit.’

do we still tell our friends why we celebrate this season? or do we just pass up one of the best witnessing opprotunities of the year?

Happy birthday Jesus!

What do you think when You look out at our hustle and bussle?

We sure have made ourselves like ants – but for what purpose and reason?

Happy birthday Jesus!

The baby in a manager has been replaced by the jolly old cheer giver

The offering of worship has been replaced by the offering of pleasure during this, your birthday.

Would any of us dare to not give presents one year?

What kindof an impact would that have!

To be known as a family that doesn’t believe in the ‘true’ holiday spirit!

But what is the true holiday spirit? What is the true meaning of Christmas?

What is truth? What is Christmas? – but Jesus Christ himself!

Happy birthday Jesus – may we never forget you amidst the wrapping paper.



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