Have I ever?

Have I ever cried for you Lord?

Have I ever cried for you as I did when missing human friends?

Have I ever cried for the one who bore all my pain – all my shame, who bore my sins with Him when He was nailed to the cross…have I ever cried?

Have I ever spent emotion for the one who daily bears my burdens;

For the Suffering Savior who gives me life anew each day;

Our great God, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross –

All for me.

Have I ever been angry for you Lord?

Have I ever been upset that Your name is not known throughout the entire earth –

That your glory is not known throughout all creation.

Have I ever been truly angry for you Lord?

Have I ever had joy Lord?

Joy such as you have; that you love to call me child, in spite of myself.

Joy that flows from your throne like peaceful waters.

Joy that you died in my place.

Have I ever had peace Lord?

Peace such as you – that you rested so confidently in the Father’s will that you were willing –

Willing to give up your past glory in heaven to take my form, to put on my flesh – for eternity future.

Have I ever served you Lord?

With all my heart, mind, soul, body, will, intellect emotion;

Completely void of myself, allowing You alone to use me for Your plan;

Have I ever truly served You Lord?

Have I ever died Lord?

Have I died to myself – my thoughts, my plans, my desires;

Have I ever died – to live – in newness of life,

A life lived for Your glory alone?

Have I ever? Will I ever? Forever let my desire be to glorify You alone.


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