Life in Christ

blog blog blog i am told 🙂
so blog i will 🙂
……………transmission start………………..
so here’s a thought for you. when you became a christian, what happened?
when you aksed Jesus to save you, did you ask Him to save you as fire insurance policy, and then continue living the way you wanted? or did you ask him to save you (even if it was just to keep from going to hell), and then lift Him up to where He is the main focus and reason for your life?
Do you find joy in your life? Do you find happiness in your life? Are you reading this and telling yourself, yes; but inside your heart is saying no?
Is Christ your main focus, your main goal, your life? Selah – think on that for about a year.
If He isn’t, maybe you’re not experiencing true happiness, joy, and peace. Maybe you won’t be loving, gentle, patient, and kind.
The closer we get to Jesus, the father away from ourselves we’ll want to be. And the more we’ll look on ourselves, and say, man…….why does God want to have anything to do with me! The closer you get to Jesus………….the farther the world will go.
Maybe you’re not experiencing the things that i listed up above………..and just maybe, i might have a solution for you.
Lets look at this list……..down below this line, is a list. Its what most people view as ‘their life,” and in their opinion, what God’s will for their life is.
MY PLANS ********** GOD’S PLAN (in my opinion)
get married ********** find a nice/cute/loving person
buy a car ********** make sure it runs good
go to church ********** come away happy
one week missions trip********** i’m a missionary!
daniel crowe
may i suggest to you a list that i believe to be more in line with what God wants?
MY PLANS *********** GOD’S PLAN (in my opinion)
daniel crowe
now don’t think that i’m saying that you shouldnt make plans……..step out in faith with God. But what I am saying is this: don’t hoard your life. Its not yours. The moment you gave it to Christ, you lost it. But in losing it, you’ve found it. You’ve found that your life is Christ. You don’t need to keep control of the things you wanna do. The things that matter is Christ and Christ alone.
If Christ is your main focus, goal, and life, you’ll do the things that are in line with what He wants for you. And out of that, will come the fruits of the spirit.
Are you finding your life in Christ?
—————end transmission———————


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