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Notice the church of today. We worship unashamed in the buildings we have built for God, but when we get out into the body He has built for us, we quickly retreat, calling worship a song, when in fact it is meant to be a lifestyle.
The Bible gives us an example of this in the form of Peter. Whenever He was with Jesus, he had the boldness to say and do some absurb things, like chopping off an important guy’s ear in front of a few hundred of the best trained soldiers in the world. But when he was distanced from Jesus, he did some equally ashaming things, like denying his Lord three times, in the middle of Jesus’ hardest time.
Like Peter, we tend to do things we’d never believe we’d ever do apart from God. But there is more to Peter’s story that we should see.
After Jesus died, Peter threw in the towel. He told his fellow disciples “I’m going fishing.” If there was ever a case of correct vocation, and incorrect location, this was it! Jesus met Peter beside that lake though, because you see, Jesus is never seperated from our circumstances. He’s always right there with us! Jesus asked Peter three times (which in that culture was a very deep and heartwrenching thing) if he loved Him. And then Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.” A simple command see, because God never places on us more than we can bear.
Now, fast forward a few weeks: Peter preaches in Jerusalem, and thousands come to know Christ as Savior. The Jewish officials complained about Peter and the disciples, saying that they filled the entire city with the teaching of Jesus, which was no small feat. The Bible even records that people sat in the streets, hoping Peter’s shadow would touch them.
Peter knew it wasn’t his shadow doing miracles and saving people. Peter had already shown us what happens when he ran the show. Peter couldn’t be this stable with Jesus…and we know that by this time Jesus had ascended into heaven.
See, Peter found Jesus in his heart, and out of that came his lifestyle of worship in which people couldn’t help but be changed. When Peter allowed Jesus to take root, home, and all of his heart, great things happened, and guys, get this: he was married too!
Who do you want to be? The Peter away from Christ, or the Pete whose life couldn’t be explained except through Christ?


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