thoughts to ponder

consistancy…such a fleeting thing. consistancy in my relationships with others….consitancy with my relationship with God….
and then contentment….ish….thats a big one. contentment with what i have…contentment with Christ….satisfaction in Christ…..such hard things to continue in.
a friend told me something a few days ago that has not left my mind since then……’i have to jealously guard my time with God.’ above whatever else i have going on…..above whatever else i want to do…..i’ve gotta forcefully, if neccessary, take the action to seek God….and stay connected to Him.
difficult? yes. time consuming? yes. possible? yes.
do it.
“is my heart satisfied, with you my savior?
is my life to live for you my king?
each breath that i breathe out,
each word that i speak out
each action that i pour out
speak of you?
am i satisfied?”

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