True Honor?

so i’ve been thinking over this one for awhile. it really bugs me sometimes to hear everybody discussing world problems, and to hear everybody saying this needs to be done, or that needs to be done, and then everybody spends all their time discussing and debating, and nothing ever gets done.
and you know the sad thing? people honor these guys who discuss and debate. the people who go out and actuallly do are the quiet ones, behind the scenes, but working away hard to make a difference.
How many nobel peace winners actually did more than shake hands and invite people to diplomatic sessions? how many scientists does it take to figure out something that the Bible has proclaimed for thousands of years?
But still….we heap honor upon their necks, while the whole time……..nothing is really done.
who reading this has ever heard of doug peterson? most of you will say no… let me introduce you to him. Doug is the coodinator for Teen Missions in Zambia…..meaning he’s responsible for all of TMI’s operations there, and Zambia is second to the main base in Florida as far as operations that happen there. Doug is in his 60’s, and has spent the past 35 years of his life living in Zambia and Zimbawawe, quitely making a huge difference for people in both countries. Doug runs close to twenty rescue units in Zambia, called “Aids/Orphans Rescue Units,” and each unit provides supplies for a minimum of five hundred different people per unit. He also heads up the discipleship school Teen Missions runs in Zambia. Nationals go there to train for two years, and are sent back out into their country, making a huge difference themselves.
A few years ago, Doug was shot twice in his own house for standing up for the gospel. He’s been able to see his entire family enter missions work, and one of his sons is one of TMI’s main leaders.
How many lives has this man impacted? I’ve only known him for a short time, but just the testimony of his life has impacted me. And who knows of him?
We read on the news – “Food shortage in Zambia threatens thousands” – and we say, ‘somebody should do something about that. We argue why doesn’t the United Nations, the United States, or even God forbid, our church do something about it. But what about we ourselves? Why don’t we ever say, hey! i’ll do something about that! that thought never crosses most people’s minds. to the rare who’s mind it does cross, most of them turn the thought away instantely as crazy.
To the rarer who chose to stand, to the rarer to who choose to support those who stand, and to those making a difference around the world, instead of sitting thousands of miles away and playing the blame game, i say thank you for daring to stand and make a difference. you are truly an inspiration.

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