What is Life?

ts been awhile since i’ve posted….so this could get long 🙂
a friend of mine sent me an email today……a class mate of hers was driving, and swerved to avoid being t-boned by an 18-wheeler, saving the lives of two people riding along, but swerved into a ditch and was killed himself, while the other two lived – although badly injured.
crazy, eh?
kindof puts me back in perspective….this morning joel and me went to eat at chickfila….and just talked briefly about our car accident. humanly speaking, neither one of us should have walked away from that alive. if you question that, look at the picture i’m attaching, just so i’ll remember it everytime i look at this page. but, man….its where belief must become faith.
God is soverign, God is just. I like what an old missionary said…i think it was David Brainard, but i’m not certain. “I am immortal until i accomplish the will of God for my life.” I trust he was not meaning that he could do anything stupid in that….but, its a good statement.
reality is this though. three girls should have gotten in that car with us, but instead, they jumped in the back of John’s truck, something we/they hardly did at that time. If those three girls would have been in that car, they’d be dead. no question. how can i make it reality that, God’s will for my life might be to live 20 years, do what i’ve done….influence people in some form so far, just that i would die for him here – and Christ be preached at my funeral, and through my death, more might come to know him. ahhhh……….i love the casting crowns song, lifesong. let my lifesong sing to you Jesus! i’m not trying to be morbid….but what is life? its a chance to glorify God! whether through my life, or my death……i hope that that is accomplished in me!
what about you?

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