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a morning off…

So I have a confession to make….I slept in until about 12:08PM (yes, that is PM) – until Caity called and woke me up.

Complements of my job, I usually do not go to bed until after 1AM….realisticaly, the actual time is closer to 2AM.  And since my day normally starts around 8:20ish AM, I took the oportunity to just sleeeeeee…zzzz…z..zzz…zz……p.

But as I am sitting here rambling about the zzz’s….I have come to the following conclusion

#1 – Sleeping in saves $$$ – I only have to eat two meals today – breakfast and supper 🙂


courtship pickup lines…

enjoy 😛

10.) “So, I talked to your dad last night….”
9.) “I lost my phone number. Maybe through a purposeful relationship, we can find out if I’m supposed to have yours.”
8.) “Your Bible…. or mine?”
7.) “We’re perfect for each other. Our parents have so much in common!”
6.) This one comes right from the book Song of Solomon, “You’re so, so, how can I say this biblical? Your teeth are like a flock of ewes that have come up from the washing… your hair is like a herd of goats running down a mountain.”
5.) “Do your feet hurt? ‘Cause you’ve been running through God’s plans for me all your life.”
4.) “Let’s get our siblings together and go out sometime.”
3.) “I can’t wait to see what you look like at 50.”
2.) “My parents are back in town. Wanna come over?”
1.) “Your modesty’s showing.”
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world clock

some of the numbers on this thing are sad and sickening….

the amazing fee band…

some of the things they do…

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my girl…

Walking in Charleston

So, this girl doesn’t even know that I’m posting this. In fact, I’m on the phone with her right now, and I’m not telling her that I’m putting this up here.

I needed a test post for uploading pictures. so I figured this would be pretty good 😉

I don’t know where I’d be without her!

new camera = more blogging!

so yesterday i got a new camera! so hopefully i will be blogging more regularly about things…….when i used to have a camera a few years back, i snapped pictures of everything that moved, so we’ll see how this goes 😛

i\'m only alittle excited ;-)